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Updated: Jan 23, 2021

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I ordered a bunch of books online. I love getting my information on the internet, but I still adore books and I'm so happy I got myself this beautiful pregnancy book pile. Today, I'll share my favorite pregnancy books with you.

I decided to skip the obvious books, such as What to Expect, as I felt more for the less-medical-more-mindful type of books. This selection does include a couple of great books that are science-based, too, as I also love a well-researched piece of advice.

INA MAY'S GUIDE TO CHILDBIRTH This book is a must if you're planning a natural birth. It starts with tons of very positive birth stories, which gave me all a lot of confidence in my body, and is followed by tips and advice for labor and delivery, including breathing, positions, natural pain relief, and more.

PARENTING FROM THE INSIDE OUT This book helps you go back to your childhood experiences on your way to motherhood. It's a great way to learn more about yourself and take that with you when you become a parent. The goal? To help us raise compassionate and resilient children. Beautiful.

MAGICAL BEGINNINGS, ENCHANTED LIVES: A HOLISTIC GUIDE TO PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH This book is pure magic. It focuses on techniques like yoga, meditation, nutrition, journaling and natural remedies for pregnant women and the result is an amazing book that I couldn't put away. From conception to the actual birth of the baby, this book is a must-read.

SACRED PREGNANCY: A LOVING GUIDE AND JOURNAL FOR EXPECTANT MOMS This book is a like a journal: every week comes with things about the baby, things about you and things to reflect on and journal about. I look forward to it every week and it has really helped me to journal and reflect.

EXPECTING BETTER: WHY THE CONVENTIONAL PREGNANCY WISDOM IS WRONG - AND WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW I love that they describe this book as Freakonomics meets What to Expect When You're Expecting. The author debunks all sorts of myths and everything is based on research and science. So helpful, especially for the first trimester when everything is so new and scary.

BOUNTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BLISSFUL: EXPERIENCE THE NATURAL POWER OF PREGNANCY AND BIRTH WITH KUNDALINI YOGA AND MEDITATION This book is for the yoga lover. Written by a Kundalini yoga teacher, it's all about meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. The book helped me tremendously in the beginning of my pregnancy when I felt so unstable and was a bit insecure about everything. I use it less now, but actually writing about it now makes me want to open the book again.

BUMPOLOGY: THE MYTH-BUSTING PREGNANCY BOOK FOR CURIOUS PARENTS-TO-BE This book falls into the same category as Expecting Better and I loved it just as much. Highly recommended!

MINDFUL BIRTHING: TRAINING THE MIND, BODY, AND HEART FOR CHILDBIRTH AND BEYOND This book is based on the theory of mindfulness and I loved the approach to birth. It's a great book to combine with Ina May's book. I hope this list helps you on your pregnancy journey. Please share your favorite books, too!

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