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Yoga Nidra + Deep Rest Teacher Training
(80 hrs)

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Welcome, dear you

Welcome to this 12 week 80-hour HYBRID immersive Yoga Nidra and deep rest teacher training, created by your two guides Claudia Menger & Rachel Brownbridge.

“Claudia and Rachel deeply embody what they teach. They are supportive, compassionate and understanding with all their senses. They have a vast knowledge of rest and Nidra practices and they are able to offer insights on different approaches and teachers. Their deep belief in slow and profound somatic practices will take you on a journey including both informative and felt knowledge, while at the same time, holding a space safe enough to freely share your vulnerabilities and create intimate connections. I am very grateful for this nourishing experience at all levels!”

Giulia, Elemental Yoga and Zen-Shiatsu Therapist

“Claudia and Rachel felt like wonderful and experienced teachers to me.  That they created this TT as a deep dive instead of a weekend course was exactly what I wanted; having time to go into lots of areas connecting to rest and many aspects of what is needed to become more aware as a yoga Nidra teachers. The guest teachers were thoughtfully chosen and experts in their area. You complete each other in a beautiful way and offer the safety needed to explore this theme and ourselves as guides. With your guidance the group felt like a family after the first weekend. This training went above and beyond my expectations.”

Miriam - freelance trainer, pt, reiki & sound practitioner

“The warmth and closeness you experience in collaboration with Claudia and Rachel is very special. They are sincere and completely natural in their teaching role, and they sit with you, not above you in any way.

They have a lovely interaction and complement each other well. It is a collaboration to build on that is perceived as solid from the outside.

The in-depth knowledge and experience of both, in addition to the network with other experts we met, gave us a lot of depth and a lot of knowledge in a short time. Gorgeous.”

Benedicte H Mjøs - Advisor & Coach

“Rachel and Claudia are more than just teachers, they are true light-bearers in every sense of the word. Have rarely encountered a training so well prepared and organized and at the same time very peaceful, relaxed and harmonious. They definitely practice what they preach and embody the art of yoga nidra - of total relaxation and presence. A profound training with profound and lasting effects. Cannot thank them enough for the work they are doing and their devotion to making this world a better place!”

-Ragnhild - Meditation Teacher & Retreat leader

What makes this Yoga Nidra Teacher Training unique?

  • You’ll explore theory and ancient wisdom combined with modern science on Yoga Nidra and Rest, as well as the nervous system, breath and posture.


  • You’ll be immersed in post-lineage teachings: we include different Nidra lineages and teachings to create a well-rounded approach to the practice that honours both the origins and the modern day need for the practice.


  • You’ll learn both how to practise with and without a script, on finding your voice and writing, and on trauma-informed use of language & guidance skills.


  • You’ll discover how you can create for online practices: we explore creating + recording so that you can make Nidras to fit any online program or platform.


  • You’ll uncover your own relationship with rest and rest as a counter movement in today’s society.


  • You’ll connect with a small group of maximum 14 students to support personal growth, and to facilitate applicable teaching you can use in your work immediately.


  • You’ll be guided by two senior Nidra teachers combined with 6 of our most treasured guest expert teachers.


  • You’ll be engaged in Interactive learning where you are encouraged to take part in discussion/feedback to each other


  • You’ll receive personal feedback written & verbal from Rachel & Claudia


  • You’ll communicate in small breakout groups or pairs for honing your teaching skills and offering/ receiving feedback.


  • You’ll develop your understanding of the mind-body connection through a compassionate lense of saftey.

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