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Studio Mā in Oslo


Welcome to Studio Mā

My home for group classes is a fantastic studio called Studio Mā.

It's a cozy space in Oslo's Fagerborg area, dedicated to Feminine Yoga in the broadest sense of the word. 

I teach pregnancy yoga, mama baby yoga and yoga nidrā here in English. You'll also find me on the schedule for workshops and the Feminine Yoga Training.

** Use code Claudia100 to get 100 kr off your first month at Studio Mā or use code STUDIOMADROPIN to try a class for free. 


Anonymous - Fertility Yoga

Your class gave me the self insight I have been missing lately. I was able to find the flow into a state of connection and magic. Thank you 

Anonymous - Fertility Yoga

Thank you so much for the session. I slept so well and, for the first time since November - when we heard we'll need IVF, I feel calm. 

Anonymous - Mothers Flow

I feel like a new person after your class. It was so needed. You have a beautiful energy.

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

In pregnancy yoga, we practice nourishing yoga poses and flows, we meditate and visualize, we learn different breathing practices and positions to support you during pregnancy and help you prepare for your labor and birth. Together we will also tap into the beautiful practice of deep rest.

In this circle of belonging we will practice with a special focus on the body parts that need it most during pregnancy and in preparation for birth, breathing techniques for pregnancy and birth, meditation, visualization and affirmations,

deep rest through Yoga Nidra, baby bonding, and preparing for birth and postpartum through yoga.

c-section yoga with baby.jpg

Mama Baby Yoga

We use yoga movement, breath, rest and connection to navigate the postpartum journey. The focus is both on reconnection with yourself and your body with your body, and connection with your baby. Using the tools of yoga in a circle of mothers, we focus on coming home in your new mama body, softening the body parts that do all the hard work during the day and night, and finding new ways to rest - all while being together with your baby.


What we will practice together in this circle of motherhood and support:

  • Yoga postures and flow to help relax and support the shoulders, neck, chest and back

  • Safe and supportive movement for the pelvic floor and core muscles,

  • Creative ways to breathe, rest and meditate in the presence of your baby

  • Self-care for your postpartum body and mind, and finding a sense of freedom

  • Yoga with your baby through sensory play, song and movement

  • Baby massage techniques


Everything is welcome here: coming late, changing diapers, feeding your baby - everything. The classes are gentle, suited for all mama bodies, and you don’t need previous yoga experience. It’s a great treat for you and it’s a beautiful bonding experience for you and your baby.

yoga nidra image.jpg

Yoga Nidrā

Yoga Nidra is a meditation-like practice that happens on the threshold of sleep. In these weekly classes we lay our bodies down to float in that delicious space where everything is possible. We rest deeply and reconnect with ourselves, and we explore a different theme every week.

No matter if this is your first time consciously taking a pause or if you've done Yoga Nidra many times before: these classes are for everyone.

Studio Mā has all the props to make you feel supported during the practice so you don't need to bring anything other than your own comfy clothes. If you do like to bring your own blanket or eye pillow you are very welcome to do so.


I love these classes. The teacher Claudia has so much knowledge and really knows how to make the class so nice. She even gives alternative postures if you cannot do them all. Alexzander and I get so much out of the classes, inner calmness, some more strength and a lot of fun as well. You’re also meet likeminded other mothers which is really great. We just signed up for the next class- so excited.


I have been attending mother baby yoga with Claudia for some months now and I am always looking forward to the upcoming class. The classes have a lot of flow and smoothness even though we have/are babies and mamas with different needs there all the time. We work with a variety of poses to strengthen our mama bodies and the atmosphere is beautiful and empowering. I also like to socialize with the other mamas that come there. Claudia is a wonderful teacher and a wholehearted human being and I am very happy to have found this women community. Looking forward to try other classes.


The mamma/baby yoga class with Claudia was one of the most fun activities I did with my baby during mamma perm. Claudia is a fantastic yoga instructor and she is super caring and playful with the little ones. The babies enjoy watching you and the other babies make funny movements and you get a little time to relax and get back in tune with your body.

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