Group sessions

Currently all my group classes take place online. After lockdown, I'll be back teaching at Leela Yoga and Lille Lab in Oslo. Check out my schedule on

Postnatal Yoga / barselyoga

Yoga classes for mothers and their babies focused on coming home in your new mama body, softening the body parts that do all the hard work during the day and night, and finding creative ways to rest. 

These classes include yoga postures, breathing exercises, and short meditations. Everything is allowed: changing diapers, feeding babies, coming late: everything. We often end the class with baby massage techniques and there is always room for sharing and support.

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The Mothers Flow

Your child is now a little older, over a year old perhaps, and you'd like to go a beyond postnatal yoga. Meet The Mothers Flow. This is a series of classes I designed for Sanga Yoga to support mothers. 


In these classes we connect movement with breath and we honor the female cycle. Also, we listen to overwhelm and tiredness, and always leave space for a long relaxation practice at the end of class. 

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Yoga for fertility and mothers in Oslo .

Yoga for Fertility & Conscious Conception

In my fertility yoga classes, we focus on reducing stress levels in the body and increasing the energy flow in the space around the uterus and ovaries. We combine breath with movement, we use special meditation and movement techniques to reconnect with the womb, and we find ways to find ease and comfort during this often difficult time of your life. These sessions are open for everyone on a fertility journey, including those on ART (such as IVF or IUI).


We also practice according to your cycle and we adjust the practice to the phase you’re in. Are you menstruating? We take it slow. Are you just before ovulation? We’ll harness that energy and use it for a flowing practice. Are you past ovulation? We take it extremely slow to let give the body room to either let the pregnancy land or for the womb to release its lining for the upcoming menstruation. Are you not menstruating? We’ll adapt the practice accordingly.



I love these classes. The teacher Claudia has so much knowledge and really knows how to make the class so nice. She even gives alternative postures if you cannot do them all. Alexzander and I get so much out of the classes, inner calmness, some more strength and a lot of fun as well. You’re also meet likeminded other mothers which is really great. We just signed up for the next class- so excited.


I have been attending mother baby yoga with Claudia for some months now and I am always looking forward to the upcoming class. The classes have a lot of flow and smoothness even though we have/are babies and mamas with different needs there all the time. We work with a variety of poses to strengthen our mama bodies and the atmosphere is beautiful and empowering. I also like to socialize with the other mamas that come there. Claudia is a wonderful teacher and a wholehearted human being and I am very happy to have found this women community. Looking forward to try other classes.


The mamma/baby yoga class with Claudia was one of the most fun activities I did with my baby during mamma perm. Claudia is a fantastic yoga instructor and she is super caring and playful with the little ones. The babies enjoy watching you and the other babies make funny movements and you get a little time to relax and get back in tune with your body.

Anonymous - Fertility Yoga

Your class gave me the self insight I have been missing lately. I was able to find the flow into a state of connection and magic. Thank you 

Anonymous - Fertility Yoga

Thank you so much for the session. I slept so well and, for the first time since November - when we heard we'll need IVF, I feel calm. 

Anonymous - Mothers Flow

I feel like a new person after your class. It was so needed. You have a beautiful energy.