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Claudia Menger by Ina Winter

Hi, I'm Claudia

Claudia is a yoga teacher and women's coach, specialized in therapeutic feminine yoga for fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood. She believes in living and working, and practicing yoga according to the menstrual cycle, she’s passionate about the practice of rest - especially through yoga nidra, and is currently working on an online course for mothers who birthed through a cesarean birth. 


In her work with groups, privates and in trainings, she combines thousands of hours of studies of yoga and beyond, over ten years of experience and her personal journey through infertility, pregnancy loss and birth trauma. 


Although she’s been practicing yoga since she was 20 years young, her practice truly started to evolve during her 3-year long fertility journey that eventually led to the arrival of her firstborn in 2017. It was the practice of yoga that supported her after healing from her first c-section, it was the yoga that was there for her when she went through pregnancy loss, and it was the yoga that helped her prepare for and heal from her second belly birth. 


Yoga gives her energy and stillness, and her mat is where she always comes home. Her personal practice follows the moon and her menstrual cycle, making every session on her mat different from the previous one. Motherhood taught her that a practice doesn’t have to be 2 hours on the mat, but can come in all forms and shapes, just like the feminine does.


Claudia is educated in traditional Hatha yoga, vinyasa, prenatal, postnatal, fertility, Nidra, yin and restorative yoga, and has completed courses on the pelvic floor, trauma, perinatal mental health, and grief. She’s also a holistic health coach specializing in menstrual cycle health.



Originally from the Netherlands, Claudia now lives in Oslo with her husband, son (5) and baby daughter.

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