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1:1 YOGA 

Get ready for a deep dive.

This journey is for those of you opening up for healing, change and a deep sense of support. Through 1-on-1 sessions, we get right into what you need. 

Please use the booking buttons below for online sessions. If you prefer a home session, please contact me to book your session for an additional charge.

Claudia Menger by Ina Winter

Who do I work with?


  • You are looking to move and breathe through yoga

  • You are preparing for birth

  • You are pregnant after loss

  • You are preparing for a new birth after a c-section


  • You are looking to move your body in a safe, healing way

  • You are recovering from a c-section

  • You are looking for support with rest

  • You are a mother and are ready to feel held

Fertility + loss

  • You have experienced pregnancy loss and are looking for support

  • You are on a journey of fertility, infertility or conscious conception


  • You are going through burnout or exhaustion

  • You are grieving

Yoga teachers

  • You are a yoga teacher who is ready to rise.

Single session bookings

I keep my calendar open for a few single session bookings. Click the button blow to secure your spot. These are all online through Zoom. Please note that 30-minute sessions are only available for those who have worked with me before.

I enjoyed my 1:1 sessions with Claudia so much!! She is such a warm person and held space for me in a lovely way. I could adress all my monkey mind chatter and she gave me valuable input for my process. The sessions were a nice combination of yoga and conversations. Thank you so much, Claudia!

I have so appreciated our sessions, truly truly wonderful grounding moments for me in what was a difficult time for me.

Thank you for all the wonderfulness you are bringing into my life with your nourishing practice, it's a true gift to my mind and soul. 

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