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A full month of online support

WhatsApp coaching

Looking for an accessible way to get support whenever you need it without having to join a full coaching program? WhatsApp coaching is for you! I've created this offering for you to support you while I am on a 4-month semi-sabbatical. It's only 999 kr for a full month and I only have 4 spots available.


Is this for me?

This is for every woman looking for support from me. This could for example be during a fertility journey or pregnancy, when you are postpartum or perhaps a little later in motherhood. I am here for you to guide you, to support you and to help you come home to your practice by sending you short meditations and voice notes. This offering is also open for yoga teacher looking for biz support on their journeys.

How this works

After booking your spot, you will receive an intake form. Your journey starts here. 

You message me, anytime, with your questions or challenges. Text only. I always reply within 24 hours with a voice or text message guidance and/or a short meditation.  

Cute Notebooks
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