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Updated: Jan 23, 2021

We're currently halfway through a mother-baby yoga course here in Oslo and me, the mothers and the babies are having so much fun. Today, I thought I'd share some of the reasons why yoga with your baby is so good for you, and for your baby.

A mindful moment for you

Time for yourself is usually pretty limited when you just had a baby. Doing yoga together will give you mindful time for yourself, especially the moments when we do little meditations (yes, you can meditate even when the baby is there!), but also when we go through a series of movements. Mothers often tell me "how much they needed that class". Not just because they got to move their bodies, but mainly because they felt so much calmer after class.

A safe and soothing experience

Yoga is so safe and so soothing for babies. We always invite the babies to join the class. That means they participate in asanas, but we also sing together and often end the class with baby massage or other movements that help the babies become more aware of their own bodies.

A beautiful bonding session

That hour of yoga offers such a beautiful bonding experience. Moving, singing and massaging, all with your baby close to you, are just so magical. When I took my first class with my baby I cried at the end of the class, because it was just so beautiful to enjoy a few quiet moments, surrounded by other mammas, with my baby in my arms.

No babysitter needed

Yoga together with your baby is the perfect daytime activity for you. We mostly focus on you, and your body, but the baby is with you all the time, so you don't need a babysitter. Win-win!

Better recovery for you

Gently yoga classes that are specifically designed for the postpartum body help you recover from pregnancy and birth (no matter if your birth was natural or if your baby came into the world by a c-section). We move in a way that is safe for your body and focus specifically on the areas that need softness and openness, such as the shoulders and chest. Our neck and back get a lot of attention too, as well as our core and pelvic floor.

Meet other mammas

A mother yoga class is a wonderful place to meet other mothers. Come to yoga, step on the mat, and leave with new friends. Contact me if you'd like to join one of my classes.

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