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Updated: Jan 23, 2021

I recently posted this on my Instagram account to welcome my new followers and share a bit more about myself. I thought it would be nice for the readers of my blog too, so here we go :).

  1. I'm originally from the Netherlands, but my husband and I left Amsterdam 8 years ago to travel the world. After a year, we moved to Oslo, Norway, with the idea to stay for 6 months. It's been 7 years now. I guess you can say we love it here (and no, I don't like winter).

  2. I run a yoga studio called @sangayoga, together with my dear yoga wifey @theresaharmanen. We specialize in yoga for women - fertility yoga, pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga, yoga for menopause and... more. ⁠

  3. A 3-year fertility journey turned me into a menstrual cycle nerd and I still celebrate every ovulation and menstruation. Yep.⁠

  4. I'm a Scorpio, with a moon in Sagittarius, and Leo rising. I know too little about astrology to say smart things about this, but I guess it does explain at least some parts of who I am. ⁠

  5. I'm obsessed with nail polish and Christmas songs. ⁠

  6. I never wear jeans and you'll usually see me in yoga pants or a dress. I've been an an I-only-buy-second-hand-clothes adventure for 6 months now and it's been great so far. ⁠

  7. I'm a bookworm at heart and usually read multiple books at the same time. Currently reading: Yoni Shakti (I keep rereading this), Pussy - a reclamation, Calm Parents Happy Kids, and Dodging Energy Vampires. ⁠

  8. I love slides, especially in the swimming pool.⁠

  9. I was nauseous my entire pregnancy and threw up so many times I completely ruined by inner throw up system. If I now cough, I need to do everything I can to not throw up. Sorry if you think that's gross. I birthed my child through a c-section after laboring for three full days. (There's a birth story on my blog if you're interested). It took me almost 2 years to heal from all the trauma. I feel it's my life's mission to help other women heal, too. ⁠

  10. My Insta posts are usually about the beauty and challenges of motherhood, my obsession with fertility and the menstrual cycle, and my life as a yoga teacher and creator.

How about you? :) Shoot me a message and tell me something about yourself! / Photography by Cenk Aytekin

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