Yoga + Coaching for Fertility 

1-on-1 sessions take place online or at home. Group classes start up at Leela Yoga in Oslo after the lockdown has lifted.

Fertility Yoga

In my fertility yoga classes, we focus on reducing stress levels in the body and increasing the energy flow in the space around the uterus and ovaries. We combine breath with movement, we use special meditation and movement techniques to reconnect with the womb, and we find ways to find ease and comfort during this often difficult time of your life. These sessions are open for everyone on a fertility journey, including those on ART (such as IVF or IUI).

We also practice according to your cycle and we adjust the practice to the phase you’re in. Are you menstruating? We take it slow. Are you just before ovulation? We’ll harness that energy and use it for a flowing practice. Are you past ovulation? We take it extremely slow to let give the body room to either let the pregnancy land or for the womb to release its lining for the upcoming menstruation. Are you not menstruating? We’ll adapt the practice accordingly.

Fertility Coaching

Through coaching I support you on this path. I stand beside you while you are navigating this often challenging journey. I virtually hold your hand while you go to medial check ups. Together we tap into inquiry, sharing and journaling to help you flow through this phase with more ease and patience. 

Book a 1-on-1 

1-on-1 package

Dive deep with me into your fertility or conscious conception journey. 

Personal Nidra

A personalised Yoga Nidra session, tailored to your journey. 


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