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Teacher Training and Immersions

Are you a yoga teacher, space holder, body worker, or someone interested going deeper into the practice of yoga? Come join me for a teacher training or immersion.

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Immersive Yoga Nidra & Deep Rest Teacher Training

60-hour Yoga Nidra teacher training
and deep rest immersion

“This training is everything we see as vital for rest embodiment, education and liberation… over these 10 weeks we hope you get as much out of the transformational practices of rest as we do.”

Starting the training in the best way with a weekend immersion at Nøsen Fjellhotel in the Norwegian mountains, and then continued online over 10 weeks on zoom. This is a complete Yoga Nidra teacher training that combines in-depth learning with a strong focus on compassionate guidance and teaching your own unique Yoga Nidra practices.

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Feminine Yoga Training

Next edition: November 2023

In this 45-hour training, you’ll learn how to establish your feminine self practice and how to create feminine group yoga classes and gatherings. You will be presented with the depth and richness of a feminine yoga repertoire of practices, and will learn how to use the variety of asana, sequences, breathing techniques, meditations, rituals, sound, mantras and more to create the balance of energy that yourself, your students and the world needs.

A collaboration between Cathrine Mathiesen, Mette Harr Støre and Claudia Menger.

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