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Yoga for
C-section mamas

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c-section yoga

Heal from your belly birth through yoga

Yoga practices dedicated to healing physically and emotionally from a c-section

Welcome to a self-paced program with yoga practices that support physical and emotional healing after a cesarean birth. It includes yoga asana (movement) practices to do by yourself or together with your baby, as well as meditations and affirmations to support your emotional wellbeing after a belly birth. You'll also get access to inquiry and journaling exercises, yoga nidrā for deep rest, and more. 

What you will get

A growing package (currently 18 practices) including meditations, movement, breath and rest practices, as well as inquiry and journaling exercises. 

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What you will get

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Is this for me?

Is this for me?

This package is for everyone who's birthed through a cesarean section, especially in that first year after birth. It doesn't matter if your c-section was planned or if it was an emergency one.


You can start the meditation practices anytime after your belly birth. For the movement practices, I recommend waiting at least 6 weeks, and ideally after having had a postpartum checkup with your medical professional. 

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