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When things get a little challenging and our mind is full, it's so easy to focus on the negative, heavy things in life. Not surprisingly, this makes our mood even darker. Instead, let's try to focus on the good stuff only. Just for today, try to come up with ten things that make you happy. Big or small, what are the things you're grateful for today? I'll start!

It took me a long time, many years after I started my yoga practice, before I got into meditation. I struggled, and struggled, and struggled. My mind never got quiet, my body never stopped moving and I thought I simply wasn't capable of meditating. Until I started using tools. Suddenly meditation came to me and I realized I could actually be still and quiet my mind. These are my favorite meditation tools.

A racing heartbeat, sweaty hands, dizziness, muscle tension, pressure on the chest, the feeling you might faint: these can all be symptoms of an upcoming anxiety attack. Many people struggle with this, and I've had my fare share of anxiety attacks, too. Today I'm sharing my favorite essential oils to reduce anxiety and feel calmer, instantly.

We all know the feeling: the one day everything flows and we're high on life, but the next day we feel like everything little thing is too much and we feel we've burned up all our energy. This is what happened to me last week, when, suddenly, my body started doing strange things. While waiting for the results from my medical tests to come in, all I could do was to stop, and rest. Today, I'd like to you to know that you're not alone.