Favorites August 2016

Things I’m loving – August 2016

Happy September! Oh how I love this month! It still feels like summer, the apples are ripe and that nice first part of fall is coming up. Last month I traveled to Amsterdam and Prague, and tomorrow we’re leaving to Tenerife, followed by Ibiza and Thailand. Life is a little crazy these days, in a good way. Anyway, these are my August favorites. Continue Reading

essential oils anxiety

5 Essential oils for anxiety

A racing heartbeat, sweaty hands, dizziness, muscle tension, pressure on the chest, the feeling you might faint: these can all be symptoms of an upcoming anxiety attack. Many people struggle with this, and I’ve had my fare share of anxiety attacks, too. Today I’m sharing my favorite essential oils to reduce anxiety and feel calmer, instantly. Continue Reading

Things I'm loving - July favorites


Happy August my love. I hope you’re having a great summer! July was such an intense month for me, with a lot of traveling, a massive amount of work and lots of experimenting with food. We’re also preparing for our move to a new apartment here in Oslo, and we had to say goodbye to my lovely grandad after he passed away two weeks ago. Happiness and sadness really go hand in hand, and they’re often so closely connected. It’s okay though, it’s all good. Here are some of my favorite moments of last month. Continue Reading

Favorites june 2016


Oh summer… <3. We’re so lucky here in Oslo. Long days, short nights, and a lot of sun (and no rain, knock on wood!). Me and my husband went on a short trip to Amsterdam, Lyon (France) and the French Jura to visit our family, but I also discovered a lot of great new things in Oslo. Here are my favorites of the month of June. Continue Reading

49 Things to do when life just gets too much

49 Things to do when life gets too much

We all know the feeling: the one day everything flows and we’re high on life, but the next day we feel like everything little thing is too much and we feel we’ve burned up all our energy. This is what happened to me last week, when, suddenly, my body started doing strange things. While waiting for the results from my medical tests to come in, all I could do was to stop, and rest. Today, I’d like to you to know that you’re not alone. Continue Reading

ask yourself first

Ask yourself first

Today I want to encourage you to stop and listen. To check in with your body and ask yourself what you need. Is it action? Is it silene? Is it movement? Is it stillness? Take some time today to really feel into your body before you make any decisions. Be, feel, observe, and then decide what to do, where to go. Continue Reading

yoga playlist

2 Yoga Playlists for You

I love having music on when I practice and teach yoga, and I know many of you practice yoga at home or at a local studio. As I love creating yoga playlists and my students in Oslo have been asking me about the music I play, I thought I’d share two of my latest yoga playlists with you. Continue Reading

Yoga teacher

Yoga in the Park in Oslo

For those of you in (or traveling to) Oslo this summer: I’m offering donation yoga in Sofienbergparken! This is an open class, for everyone – both beginners and more experienced yogis. We’ll combine traditional hatha yoga with flow elements, and have a loooot of fun together. Continue Reading