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Embodied Flow with Tara Judelle

One of the things on my manifestation list for this year, was practicing yoga with some of the best teachers around the world. I love going to classes and practicing on the floor of my apartment, but there’s something about diving a little deeper in a weekend-long workshop. That’s what I did last weekend, when Tara Judelle was in Oslo to teach her Embodied Flow workshop. Continue Reading

my fav podcasts

My favorite podcasts

I came home from Tenerife this week after the Yoga Teacher Training and a week of holiday with the husband, so that meant: back to work! It’s been very sunny here in Oslo and I love walking to the office and listening to podcasts. Today I’d like to share some of my favorite podcasts with you all. Continue Reading

Fiber up your life

Fiber Up Your Life

It seems the whole interwebs is talking about removing things from our lives in Spring: detoxing, cleaning and cleansing, diets and all sorts of other ways to make ourselves happy. Today, however, I want to focus on adding something to our diet to make our bodies (and minds!) happy: fiber. Here’s how to fiber up your life! Continue Reading

Things I'm loving April 2016


April was really about one single thing: yoga. On the first of the month I started my 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training on the beautiful island of Tenerife, so I spent this month in yoga pants, on my mat, and with study books on the rooftop of the school. Continue Reading

TTC yoga shala

The sensational feeling of teaching yoga

My students sit in front of me. Cross-legged, closed eyes, calm. The yoga room is quiet, and I hear the birds outside celebrating this beautiful spring day. I’ve guided the group through their 90 minute Hatha Yoga class, with meditation, pranayama and a series of asanas, and just finished my last sentences of the closing prayer. I’ve a big smile on my face and body is filled with excitement. When I ask my students to open their eyes, they start clapping and my teacher gives me a big, warm hug. I’ve passed my first exam of the Yoga Teacher Training! Continue Reading

prepare for yoga teacher training

How to prepare for Yoga Teacher Training

Although the real work begins when a Yoga Teacher Training actually starts, there are definitely things you can do to prepare yourself for a YTT. For me, the two months before the training were very important and I’d love to share my tips for preparing for Yoga Teacher Training with you. Continue Reading

Traveling solo

Tips for traveling alone

It’s late in the evening when I arrive on the island of Tenerife. My Yoga Teacher Training starts later this week, but I decided to arrive a little earlier to have some time to explore the island. Tonight I stay in though, as I’m tired from the flight and the hectic days before my departure. I enjoy traveling by myself and I’d love to give you some tips to make your solo travels amazing. Continue Reading